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Douglas Fairbanks presents The Three Musketeers

street date: TBD, late December 2016

Douglas Fairbanks presents Alexandre Dumas'
"The Three Musketeers"

95th Anniversary Edition

The anniversary of Douglas Fairbanks' landmark 1921 production of Alexandre Dumas' classic tale is celebrated with this new, commemorative edition. This DVD release features color-tinting, digital restoration and stabilization, and a brand-new theatre-organ score by Ben Model.

Produced for DVD by Bruce Lawton and Ben Model; released by Undercrank Productions, in association with verdoux-vision
DVD cover design by Ben Model and Marlene Weisman.
original film restoration by Karl Malkames
musical score by Ben Model
film transfer by Helge Bernhardt
digital restoration by Marcus Johnson
TRT 120 mins - tinted - stereo - 4:3 aspect ratio - unrated

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currently in production:

Marion Davies

street date: TBA

"When Knighthood Was In Flower"

starring Marion Davies

Marion Davies' breakout hit from 1922 comes to home video in a new edition, scanned in HD from the only extant 35mm nitrate print, preserved by the Library of Congress. This release will be a DVD/BluRay combo pack and features a brand new theatre organ score by Ben Model. It will also have its tinting scheme reinstated and a digitally recreated hand-colored sequence.

More information about this release of When Knighthood Was In Flower can be found on the page for the Kickstarter campaign for the project.

graphic design by Marlene Weisman.
Digital hand-coloring restoration by Jack Theakston. Film booklet notes written by Lara Gabrielle Fowler.
TRT 120 mins - tinted - stereo - 4:3 aspect ratio - unrated
Produced for DVD/BluRay by Ben Model/Undercrank Productions, in association with Greenbriar Picture Shows.

DVD/BluRay will be available on

Library of Congress